Propuestas y análisis críticos de Agamben acerca de Europa en la actualidad y su porvenir

¿ Imperio Latino vs Imperio Germano ?

España frente a Europa

El mismo tema ha sido analizado , desde otra perspectiva,pero en parte coincidiendo en algunos planteamientos, por Gustavo Bueno ( ver estos enlaces )

INteresantísima entrevista a Giorgio Agamben acerca de la polémica que suscitó un artículo suyo donde hablaba de un Imperio Latino vs. un Imperio Germánico en Europa

FRagmento de la entrevista:

At that time, the uniting bond was sought in Christianity. Today I believe that this legitimation must be sought in Europe’s history and its cultural traditions. In contrast to Asians and Americans, for whom history means something completely different, Europeans always encounter their truth in a dialogue with their past. The past for us means not only a cultural inheritance and tradition, but a basic anthropological condition. If we were to ignore our own history, we could only penetrate into the past archeologically. The past for us would become a distinct life form. Europe has a special relationship to its cities, its artistic treasures, its landscapes. This is what Europe really consists of. And this is where the survival of Europe lies.

Otro fragmento de la entrevista

(pregunta) So Europe is first of all a life form, a historical life feeling?

(respuesta de Girgio Agamben) Yes, that is why in my article I insisted that we have unconditionally to preserve our distinctive forms of life. When they bombed the German cities, the Allies also knew that they could destroy German identity. In the same way, speculators are destroying the Italian landscape today with concrete, motorways and expressways. This does not just mean robbing us of our property, but of our historical identity.