el mito del canibalismo azteca

Alberto Cardín pone en entredicho las teorías que afirman que existió un canibalismo azteca.
Este libro puede servir como comienzo para el estudio del asunto


David Shyovitz’s “A Remembrance of His Wonders”

The Talmud Blog

David Shyovitz, A Remembrance of His Wonders: Nature and the Supernatural in Medieval Ashkenaz, reviewed by Miri Fenton


After reading David Shyovitz’s excellent article on werewolves, and attending his lecture at the World Congress of Jewish Studies in Jerusalem this summer, I was very excited to read his first book. In A Remembrance of His Wonders: Nature and the Supernatural in Medieval Ashkenaz, published earlier this year by the University of Pennsylvania Press, Shyovitz combines creative philosophical thinking and close textual reading to write a new and engaging intellectual history of medieval Ashkenaz.

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Judaism is Not A Messianic Religion (Jacob Neusner)

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Jacob Neusner’s Messiah in Context: Israel’s History and Destiny in Formative Judaism should sheds a lot of critical light on the question of messianism that should be of cutting interest to anyone who works in the fields of modern Jewish thought and continental philosophy. About the rabbinic tradition, this assiduous study belongs on the shelf alongside the essays collected in Gershom Scholem’s classic The Messianic Idea in Judaism as well as those in Essential Paperson Messianic Movements and Personages in Jewish History, edited by Marc Saperstein. Messiah in Context goes hard against the grain of the tradition of modern Jewish thought and continental philosophy that have placed a premium on messianism. Indeed, I don’t know what should bother Jewish thinkers and philosophers more, either the substance of the claim argued in Messiah in Context or the possibility that they have been duped, not by Scholem, but by the messianic…

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Georges Soros globalización inducida

Soros gestor del nuevo Leviatán

Fábulas y realidad en la ficción literaria, crítica desde el Materialismo filosófico

Materialismo Filosófico y literatura

Literatura como negación de todo dios

La literatura es la negación de todo dios